Siete Foods Uses Whym’s Minishops to Streamline, Scale, and Provide a Best-in-Class Customer Experience

How this CPG giant uses conversational commerce tools to improve customer response time, efficiency, and productivity.

Company Overview:

Family-owned Siete Foods was founded in 2014 with the mission to honor their heritage and shake up the grain-free food industry. Combining high quality ingredients with delicious taste, Siete quickly became a household name among gluten-free fans. Serving up a variety of flavorful and healthy products made from almond, cassava and chickpea flour — today Siete is one of the most popular Mexican-American owned health food brands.


Austin, TX



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In an effort to expand beyond retail store shelves and get their products into the hands of chefs and restaurants, Siete set its sights on a new channel — wholesale distribution.

Leading the charge to make these dreams a reality was Special Projects Manager, Jamie Haddad. Operating as a small but mighty team of one, Jamie lacked a centralized solution to scale customer support requests and communication. In order to automate and streamline Siete's manual — and inefficient — wholesale order process, Jamie needed the help of a new tool.

That’s when she found Whym.

Whym Helped Siete Go From Unorganized to on Top of It

Jamie's biggest challenge in the process of scaling the wholesale business was maintaining constant and effective communication with customers. Relying on outdated phone systems and SMS, Jamie often felt overwhelmed by the volume and frequency of communication.

A common frustration was a seemingly endless flow of customer support requests, which would interrupt the momentum of her busy workday. Sorting through messages became a nightmare, and the constant back and forth using such fragmented systems was a major bottleneck in her day-to-day role:

“Before Whym, the process for taking wholesale orders was very manual and unorganized — we used phone and text. Our customers would constantly be calling or texting us and I spent most of my time chasing them down, resulting in delayed responses and frustrated customers.”


Jamie’s productivity and efficiency were being further impacted by long and often complex requests happening across disjointed systems. With Whym’s Minishops, Jamie gains hours in her day — eliminating the constant back and forth with customers by streamlining all communication under one automated system.

Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience

With Whym’s Minishops, Jamie’s productivity has skyrocketed. Her customers can now bypass account creation entirely, which was previously the biggest barrier to success, “Many times customers forget their username or password, which creates a lot of friction. I had to manually reset these dailyoften causing major delays in customer response time,” says Jamie.

With Minishops, Jamie is able to offload this process entirely to automation, improving customer response times while providing a frictionless and self-sufficient onboarding experience. Here’s how the new process works with Minishops:

  • Jamie curates a customized Minishop link for the customer, based on the unique order and items requested
  • Jamie texts the link to the wholesale customer and emails the links to her customers as well
  • Customer checks out within seconds — bypassing the account creation process entirely

“Whym offers a shortcut to quickly serve customers who need attention while providing a more elevated experience. Minishops allow you to send a link to their unique account via text — it’s a more natural flow that allows them to bypass new account creation because Whym doesn’t require them to remember their password to log in,” says Jamie.

By reducing unnecessary chats and phone calls, Siete now streamlines all wholesale communications with new customers to just five touch points or less per engagement. 

Up and Running — in No Time

Beyond time saved, Jamie attributes early success to the ease of use of and functionality of Whym’s Minishops, “When I first found Whym I was very intrigued and saw it as a tool to solve my everyday problems. Wholesale is just a small part of my day-to-day responsibilities, so any tool to make that process easier and offload work from my plate is a major value add.”

Before Whym, Jamie relied on a mix of virtual tools that were not intuitive or easy to navigate. Whym Minishops give Jamie and her customers a more modern and intuitive user experience — making Jamie's life easier, and keeping her customers happy. She loves how easy the Whym platform is to use, as she has found little to no learning curve to get up and running:

“I really enjoy using it, I like how clean and crisp everything is. The integration was super simple, there was little to no lift on our end — it feels like it was handed to me on a silver platter.”


While internal adoption of the tool was seamless, Jamie was unsure how her wholesale customers would respond to Whym — fears which were quickly cast aside upon introducing the new system:

“At first, I wasn’t sure how people would respond to using Whym, but its been nothing but a great response from our customers. In particular, they love how we can help remind them of their login information and that they don’t have to remember a password in order to access their account.”

Ending the Year on a High Note

As Jamie and team buckle down for their busiest time of the year during Q4, they can rest easy knowing Whym will help them scale efficiently during these high-demand months:

“We get very busy starting hispanic heritage month through the rest of the year. Whym will help us stay organized and scale during these crucial months.”

This surge in productivity is giving Jamie the time she needs to get strategic about key areas of the wholesale business. Seeking new ways to up-level their operations with Whym, Jamie is exploring how to get more from the automation tools, like sending pre-scheduled reminder messages to customers.

Eventually, she hopes to integrate Whym with their subscription offering. But for now, she enjoys the peace of mind from more automated, aligned and effective communication with wholesale customers.

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