Modern solutions. Effortless commerce.

Win customers who make the first move.

Whym helps shoppers remember your products and your brand, captures their interest when your website cannot, and brings them back to you on their own time when they are ready to buy.

A sweet suite.


Pair your promotions with a custom, curated mini storefront and close the sale anywhere you can share a link.

Text Me This Item

Capture the interest of shoppers who are not ready to buy now, but will be soon.

Commerce QRs (Coming soon)

Let customers quickly reorder directly from your packaging, print or merchandising.

Single-page storefronts: your shop never looked better.

Leverage micro-trends by curating mini collection and promoting influencer recommendations. Perfectly pair your socials and provide limited time offers and drops.

Text Me This Item, the buy later solution.

Capture the interest of shoppers who are not ready to buy now, but will be soon. Install Whym's patented Text Me This Item mobile widget with a bit of code. We'll automatically follow- up with each shopper through friendly, personalized reminders inviting them to buy with one tap.

The ultimate network effect.

Shoppers collect items from any brand with Text Me This Item. Sellers gain free impressions and more opportunities to close the sale each time a shopper reviews their products in one, unified cart.

Drive more incremental revenue
with the things you already do.

Built by ex-snapchatters.

Backed by foward-thinkers.

At Whym, we know that making the shopping experience feel intimate, trusted, and specific is key. A personalized sales process allows your customers to feel more nurtured and connected to the brand, increasing brand loyalty and sales.

The founders of Whym—all former Snap employees—put their heads together and created a way to completely bypass extensive checkouts, allowing you to meet your customers where conversations are already happening. The result: more sales, more customer loyalty, and more efficiency from marketing and customer support channels. 

Read more on our blog to discover how Whym is making life easier for both the shop and the shopper.