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Universal Wishlist HQ

Still logging into your favorite brands to create individual wishlists?
Whym let's you create a universal wishlist from any brand you shop online - all in one place.

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Visit some of our favorite brands or use our Google Chrome extension to collect, compare, buy and share from any retailer.

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Unlimited stores. One bag.

Use your phone number to drop items into your shopping inbox from any online seller. Collect, compare, buy or share.

FAQ: How we're different from…

Wishlists, abandon carts, bookmarks. How do we compare to other wallets, reward programs or payment options?

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A wishlist.

Most wishlists tend to be brand specific. Whym lets you create a wishlist from all products & brands at the same time.

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A like.

A like is a digital vote. This data rarely creates more convenience for you, the shopper. Instead, Whym let’s you make anything buyable - instead of just likable.

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The place you discover and spend your downtime. When you want to save and compare, this is where Whym wins.

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A bookmark.

Everytime you view or save an item with Whym, they live in one place where you can compare, share and easily find to buy.

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A follow.

A stream of data that may or may not be relevant. Whym only shares data with you that you’ve expressed a direct interest in receiving.

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This is where you find inspo and create moodboards. Whym helps you collect shoppable items and buy when you’re ready.

we do it.

We’ve borrowed the best and left the rest - from social shopping apps. No passwords, no account creation forms. Welcome to a modern, effortless shopping experience - built for everything you want to buy - online or offline.