Text Me This Item

Turn “just browsing” into buying with Text Me This Item.

Increase conversion rates by up to 15% by giving shoppers the option to text themselves items they love — but aren’t quite ready to buy.

Companies that use Whym

Capitalize on browsing behaviors.

Text Me This Item lets shoppers save items they discover as they browse by texting themselves the product link — creating warm leads for smarter re-targeting.


Here’s how it works.

Once you install Whym's Text Me This Item button on your site, it appears on every one of your product pages — giving customers who aren’t yet ready to buy the option to text themselves your item, upping the odds that they’ll come back for it later.

As your customers fill their personalized text message thread with links to your products, you get more first-party data to close sales, promote brand loyalty, and boost web traffic from 6-8%.


Capture 89% more net new customers.

Text Me This Item optimizes your product page & captures traffic you would have otherwise lost — closing the gap between discovery & purchase.


To buy or not to buy? TMTI is the third option.

Text Me This Item simplifies shopping for your customer & in turn, boosts sales for you.

No matter how shoppers find you, Whym makes sure they don't forget you.


Browsing Bookmark

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