Data & Analytics

Turn your data into dollars.

Whym’s Seller Dashboard lets you go deeper with your data — driving a thorough understanding of your shopper’s intent, & providing you with opportunities to move shoppers from browsing to buying.

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Lower CAC & ad spend with strategic retargeting.

Say goodbye to shot-in-the-dark marketing strategies. With Whym’s Seller Dashboards, you can finally get granular.

Seller Dashboards inundate you with valuable first-party shopper data. Instead of acquiring a phone number or email with no context surrounding the shopper’s intent, you get specific insight about what items each shopper viewed, collected, & left in their cart, as well as product analytics & Whym Widget impressions.

You get everything you want to know about your shopper’s key behaviors, all in one place — empowering you to make marketing meaningful.

Plan with confidence.

Restock with ease thanks to the Product Analytics that live inside your Seller Dashboard.

See what’s trending with your customers, & what people passed on — & drive FOMO by letting customers know when their items of interest are going out of stock.

Get a snapshot of key shopper behaviors.

Watch the buyer’s journey unfold in real time.

Use Product Analytics to understand shoppers’ key areas of interest. Identify pain points in their shopping experience, & gather relevant shopper intent data to personalize their marketing experience.

Understand your shopper. Target their specific needs. See an increase in conversion.

Get insights into everything.(Really. Everything.)

All the data you could possibly need — in one place.

No matter how shoppers find you, Whym makes sure they don't forget you.

Visual Browsing Bookmark

Capture multi-tab shopping behavior and save products for convenient shopping. Shop more, abandon less.

Text Me This Item

Triple your CVRs & capture more sales by giving your shoppers the opportunity to text themselves items they’re not quite ready to buy — but will be later.


Deliver personalized collections to shoppers, anywhere they browse, through one link.