Minishops bring curated collections directly to social shoppers.

Capitalize on social shopping. Build custom mini-storefronts that can be shopped via link — wherever your shoppers find you.

Companies that use whym

Turn your landing page into a shopping cart.

Don’t let your shoppers get lost on the way to their perfect product.

Minishops make social shopping purposeful. With one click, shoppers are directed to a curated mini-storefront — full of the goodies they were expecting to find, plus a few more to complete the collection.

No more mindless clicking, no more abandoned carts, way more sales for you.

Make a splash on socials with Influencer Collections.

Minishops make it easier than ever for your favorite creators to promote your store.

Leverage micro-trends by building minishops for your brand partners to share across their platforms. Influencers can share anywhere they get views — via socials, SMS, email, or any other channel in their mix.

Customers can shop with one swipe— & even share the link on their own platform. That’s the power of social selling.

Combine with QR codes & make all commerce eCommerce.

Minishops keep ‘em coming back for more. Drive customer retention & brand loyalty with custom QR Minishops.

Develop curated, complimentary collections based on current purchases that can be shopped via QR code on physical packaging — bringing your shop to your shopper, wherever they find you.

Give your shoppers what they want, wherever they are.

Say goodbye to decision fatigue & abandoned carts. With Minishops, you can give shoppers exactly what they’re looking for — inside one shoppable link.

No matter how shoppers find you, Whym makes sure they don't forget you.

Browsing Bookmark

Capture items of interest in a convenient window, saving products in a global cart for shoppers to buy later.

Data & Analytics

Go deeper with your data & close the gap from browsing to buying.

Text Me This Item

Triple your CVRs & capture more sales by giving your shoppers the opportunity to text themselves items they’re not quite ready to buy — but will be later.