QR Codes (Coming Soon)

Make all Commerce E-commerce with Whym’s custom QR Codes.

Empower customers to scan, shop & secure your items — again & again & again.

Companies that use Whym

Turn first-time customers into repeat buyers with Whym’s custom QR Codes.

82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition. Whym makes it easy to build brand loyalty and drive repeat customers with custom QR Codes. Keep your customers coming back for more by bringing their checkout process to them via QR codes that are shoppable with one scan — wherever they’re using your product.


Shoppers can scan, send & save for later.

Whym enables shoppers to text themselves the items they found via QR code to shop from whenever they’re ready — so no sale is lost or forgotten.

Every QR code scanned & text sent becomes a warm lead for you. Whym allows you to capture shopper data to learn more about your shoppers — & improve messaging, forecasting & re-targeting efforts in the future.

text me this item

Capture sales — anytime, anywhere.

Empower your customer to purchase on their terms.

With Whym’s custom QR Codes, you collect more direct demand from physical retail, storefronts & sampling — even if your shopper isn’t ready to purchase right away.

Whether you’re directing shoppers to a product page or a Minishop of curated items, QR Codes make it effortless for shoppers to find you, share you, & make purchases — over & over again.


Don’t be the one that got away. Give customers a memorable way to find you.

After all, why would your customer shop somewhere else when they could scan & purchase right where they are?


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Visual Browsing Bookmark

Capture multi-tab shopping behavior and save products for convenient shopping. Shop more, abandon less.


Text Me This Item

Triple your CVRs & capture more sales by giving your shoppers the opportunity to text themselves items they’re not quite ready to buy — but will be later.



Deliver personalized collections to shoppers, anywhere they browse, through one link.