Visual Browsing Bookmark

Supercharge your website’s Wish List with the Visual Browsing Bookmark.

Whym's personalized product detail page tools help you identify & convert more [net] new shoppers than any other software tool on the market.

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Give your shoppers a frictionless e-commerce experience.

Whym’s Bookmark captures multi-tab shopping behavior by giving shoppers a visual browsing history that supercharges their on-site experience. The Bookmark only collects and saves products of interest and lasts beyond cookie expiration - helping shoppers remember what they fell in love with 1 week ago or 1 year ago.

Without the need to create an account or log in, shoppers can quickly compare their finds and tap-to-select all of the items they want to remember later - helping you understand exactly how to close more sales.


Here’s how it works.

From one window, Whym’s Bookmark helps shoppers:

- Send any number of items directly to their cart (increasing AOV)
- Create save for later collections (reducing abandoned carts)
- Share product links via text message (increasing sharability and memory retention)

Whym automatically remembers up to 100 products, locally, in a shopper’s Bookmark for up to 100 days of shopping. Better yet, shoppers can revisit the entire lifetime of their browsing history on your site — so no item discovered in browse-mode is ever lost or forgotten.


More intent data = more net new customers.

If you’re looking for a tool to help identify and retain new customers that visit your site or social shopping channels, you’ve come to the right place.

By using advanced lead generation tools like Whym’s Bookmark, you capture better data on every step of the buyer’s journey — allowing you to specifically target, market and close the sale with every new customer.


“Whym operates as a universal wish list — capturing interest for products shoppers want, without forcing them to make a purchase immediately. It’s the only tool I can think of that allows you to do that.”

— Jason Wong, Doe Lashes


No matter how shoppers find you, Whym makes sure they don't forget you.


Browsing Bookmark

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