Episode #4: 2024, A Slow Goodbye To Third-Party Cookies

Up until now we’ve had access to a ton of free information, and the reason it was free was the cookie.

Episode #4: 2024, A Slow Goodbye To Third-Party Cookies

In this episode, we deep dive into the evolving landscape of web browsing, cookies, and online data collection.

In layman's terms we discuss the impact of Google's impending "cookie death scenario" and its implications for advertising practices. From the complexities of digital advertising attribution to the emergence of new privacy-compliant tracking methods, we explore the latest developments shaping the digital marketing world. We unravel the intricate web of user privacy, ad targeting, and the future of online advertising.

Join as we break down:

  • Google's "cookie death scenario" and antitrust trials
  • Transition from third-party cookies to first-party data collection
  • Impact of removing third-party cookies on ad tracking and targeting
  • Predictive modeling and advertiser strategies
  • Unique visitor detection and attribution in advertising
  • Clean rooms and universal IDs in advertising
  • Benefits and features the Whym Shopping App as we navigate these changes

Listen 🎧 to the episode on SpotifyApple, Google, Amazon or iHeart—or watch Kelly and Ryan below for highlights and key takeaways below.

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