Episode #3: Unveiling Deception

It’s your data — or is it?

Episode #3: Unveiling Deception

In the latest episode of Blind Data, we unravel the intricate web of online privacy, data protection, and the strategies employed by tech giants like Apple, Google, Shopify, Amazon, and Facebook.

We delve into Apple's privacy-focused advertising campaigns and question if they align with their actual practices. We compare Apple and Google's approaches to user privacy and their implications for the future of online advertising. We also explore Facebook's trust issues, Shopify's challenges in shopper identity, and Amazon's walled garden strategy. And as always, we provide actionable insights for listeners to navigate this evolving landscape and emphasize the urgency of embracing first-party data.

Join as we discuss:

  • Where is our data actually going? How safe are our photos? How safe are our searches? How are these things protected — or not protected?
  • Creating a picture of what the internet and your phone knows about you— whether entities should be  transparent about the information that they have on you, and what that process could look like
  • The differences in the privacy approach from Apple to Google, as well as their motivation 
  • What exactly is going to change about our browsers that we will detect as users, that's going to really cause us pain (login-only experience)
  • Helpful stats regarding browser ownership
  • What it means to live in a world where every browser is a privacy browser
  • How the quality of AI will be impacted by these changes
  • The major lack of consumer trust when it comes to Facebook, and whether or not this is why the platform has faded
  • The impact on Shopify and its ability to link shopper data between domains
  • Amazon’s sophisticated “walled garden” approach: what this means, and its benefits 
  • Why more people don’t know about this, why this isn’t being seen as the massive change that it is, and identifying the barriers to understanding the impact

Listen 🎧 to the episode on SpotifyApple, Google, Amazon or iHeart—or watch Kelly and Ryan below for highlights and key takeaways below.

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