How does Whym work?

Whym is easy to create and use.

  1. Talk with your favorite brands over text message, DMs, chat or any direct messaging channel.
  2. Click on the text-to-buy link in the brand message. If it’s your first time, you’ll need to create your account. You’ll only do this once.
  3. Enter your phone number. We’ll send you a text message with a secure authorization code. Verify your identity by entering this number.
  4. We’ll text you to confirm your cart total.
  5. Reply Y to buy.

Ask your favorite brands if you can use your Whym to make your next purchase.  Let them know how much you love using Whym!

How do I accept my charge via a text message?

We’ll send you a text message to confirm your order total, including tax and shipping.

If you want to buy, you must reply Y. This is your indication that you’ve approve the transaction*.

If you’re not ready to buy, simply reply N to decline the transaction.

What happens if I declined the charge by accident?

Simply click the link again. You’ll get another text message to confirm your order.

If the link is no longer working, please reach out to the merchant.

What if I get an error message when I click on the link?

If you get an error message, please reach out to the merchant. The merchant may have disabled the link.

Can I make a purchase with any brand by texting Whym directly?

Check with the merchant you want to buy from to see if they allow you to use your Whym wallet.

Do I need a username & password?

You do not need to create or remember a password!  Whym uses your mobile number to verify your identity with a secure, 6-digit authorization code.

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