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Discover independent, crave-worthy brands that align with your values & vibe.

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Mother Nature's Farmacy™️: clean alternatives to over-the-counter supplements.

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Essentials for sustainable living. Starting with premium candles in a plant-based bag.

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Tea Drops

Magical tea moments that connect you to what’s important.

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Verse Chocolate

Dark Chocolate. Done Better. 1 gram of real sugar. Keto friendly.

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Shoppe 815

Candles inspired by life’s best adventures.

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Aloe Attiva

Aloe-powered, waterless, clean beauty formulations that perform.

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Sustainable Eyewear made in Flint. We upcycle 15 water bottles with every purchase.

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Shop Maus

Design essentials for kids. Mindfully made, easy on the planet & on your wallet.

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Emanate Essentials

Innovative, body care and aromatics line. Top black-owned beauty brand.

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Amborella Organics

Organic, seed-bearing lolippops.

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Durable, reusalbe, JavaSok's keep your drinks colder & hands dry.

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Vibe Stitch

Lifestyle hat brand for mamas on-the-go.

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Online apparel boutique.

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Yustha Yoga

South Asian Inspired Athleisure.

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