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How does Whym work?

Whym connects directly to your e-comm store and payment processor.  Quickly create text-to-buy links to send to your customers either in a 1:1 conversation or through a broadcast marketing message.  

Customers will use your text-to-buy link to buy directly from you using their Wallet.

What will my customers experience?

TALK & TRANSACT: Talk with your customers wherever they want, quickly generate and send them a text-to-buy link to get started.  

FIRST PURCHASE: Your customer will set up their secure Wallet during their first purchase experience (20 second setup).

If they’re already a Whym user, they’ll skip this step and quickly confirm their purchase.

PURCHASE: Your customer completes their order over text via Whym and you receive payment immediately.  

NO FEES: Your customer won’t pay an additional fee to use their Wallet with you.  

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