Your new way to shop.

To Buy or Not To Buy?
We're the third option.

Welcome to your new checkout. Lots of stores, one bag, one checkout. Say goodbye to the days of using screenshots to save items.

Your new shopping hub.

Send yourself great finds, get reminders, browse saved items and bag stuff from your favorite brands. We're here to make shopping effortless.

How it works.

Find our Text Me This Item Button.

Visit hundreds of brand shops & sites. Our Text Me This Item button is installed by our merchants. Check out some of our participating sellers below.

We save your item. You get a link to checkout later.

No spam, only your item. We will send you your item instantly once, then sporadic reminder texts. Stop them anytime.

Buy or browse your items in any-brand one bag.

Items you text are stored with us in your Whym bag. Swipe right to checkout for all of your items at once or buy one bag at a time.

FAQ: How we're different from…

Wishlists, abandon carts, bookmarks. How do we compare to other wallets, reward programs or payment options? We've borrowed the best and left the rest - from social shopping apps. No passwords, no account creation forms. Welcome to a modern, effortless shopping experience. Get one bag built for everything online.

A wishlist.

Wishlists tend to be brand specific. Whym lets you create a wishlist from all products & brands at the same time.

A like.

A like is a digital vote. This data rarely creates more convenience for you, the shopper. Instead, Whym let’s you make anything - buyable - instead of just likable.


The place you discover and spend your downtime. When you’re ready to compare, consider and buy with one swipe, this is where Whym wins.

A bookmark.

Everytime you text or save an item with Whym, they live in a buyable bag. You don’t have to go back through the process of shopping a second time.

A follow.

A stream of data that may or may not be relevant. Whym only shares data with you that you’ve expressed a direct interest in receiving.


This is where you find inspo and create moodboards. Whym helps you buy everything you collect with one swipe.

Unlimited stores. One checkout.

Use your phone number to drop items into your bag from any online seller. Remember, compare or save items for later. Swipe right to buy from all brands at once.

Secure One-Click Checkout

We'd never forget a friendly face. Sign-up once, checkout forever. One bag to rule them all.

ApplePay and GooglePay

We integrate so you can have even more ways to pay for the things you love.

Why we do it.

We’re here to help both consumers and great brands make the most of product discovery moments that happen every day in stories, feeds and swipes. We want to help you transform bookmarking into bagging. We save everything in one, buyable spot and help you remember what’s there.